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Platform Modules


Through an asset list with over 300 priced scopes and a proprietary algorithm, our platform connects brands to talented studios, boutiques, independent agencies and startups, helping marketers accelerate creativity, innovation, time to market in an agile & seamless journey whilst bringing savings, efficiency control and compliance to procurement.
Our platform seamlessly connects brands to talented partners;
The match-making algorithm suggests 3 possible partners;
The client chooses the partner evaluating its expertise and work experience;
Both sides get connected to confirm the scope before signing the smart contracts on the platform;
BPool charges a % of the deal;
During delivery, the mutual evaluation process starts to feed our database, increasing the quality and accuracy of the match-making process


A simple & seamless workflow for marketers to match projects with highly curated suppliers and create pitches for live marketing projects (events, workshops, brand activations, conventions, shopper marketing initiatives, pr conferences), negotiate with suppliers and manage completion, ratings, and payments to one single supplier which are then split to multiple payments made through the platform with no double taxation.

New Project

Sign up illustration

Client fill out brief on platform

BPool’s algorithm invites 3 partners

Submit illustration
Submit illustration

Partners sign NDA and accept or decline initial invitation

Clients may or may not invite partners for a chemistry meeting

Submit illustration
Submit illustration

Partner’s profiles are displayed to clients

Clients send out invitation for proposal

Submit illustration
Submit illustration

Partners craft their proposal outline + Big Idea and submit them to client’s aproval

Proposal approved by clients?

Submit illustration
Submit illustration

All partners are notified whether or not the project has been awarded to them

The selected partner fleshes out proposal and submits it to clients

Submit illustration
Submit illustration

Clients approved detailed SoW?

Clients authorize billing

Submit illustration
Submit illustration

BPool kicks off billing proccess

The BPay module allows clients to fast-track marketing services supplier payments through BPool. A simple, frictionless, and compliance adherent workflow to accelerate tail spend payments with low fees and no double-taxation.
Freelancers & Squads / Powered by Ollo
This module connects organizations to a hyper-curated global community of independent diverse and talented advertising, design, communication and technology professionals, which can be hired individually or collaboratively in squad