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We are the Leading Enterprise Gateway
Marketplace (EGM) at Fortune 500 Companies.
BPool is an Enterprise Gateway Marketplace established to transform marketing services contracting and the way people work, empowering businesses and careers.
We're a fast and flexible platform that links prominent brands with world-class marketing and creative studios. For procurement, we add control and compliance when upgrading services to marketing, deliver savings, and gain efficiency.
Our mission is to streamline the communication industry by accelerating digital transformation in finding and hiring marketing services. Enterprises benefit from exponential gains in creativity, efficiency, speed, and innovation.

Big Numbers

2023 Goals

Estimated Revenue: USD 28.802.949,42

100 brands using the platform

BPool has already received investments from several

funds such as Chromo Invest and Quartz.

Our Team

Beto Sirotsky
Founder and Executive Partner
Founder of 3YZ, sold to WPP, Executive Director at Ogilvy, The "Communication Entrepreneur of the Year" by the Associação Riograndense de Propaganda, One of the under 30's to be watched by Forbes, Part of Maromar Investments Board, Singularity University, Hyper Island and Berlin School of Creative Leadership MBA, Played tennis professionally.
Daniel Prianti
Founder and Executive Partner
Founder of Router, sold to Iris Worldwide, 7 years of experience in trade and marketing for Kimberly Clark, Citibank, and Microsoft, 11 years in professional services leading digital and live marketing strategy & execution for corporate clients (such as Kimberly Clark, Kirin/Heineken, Sony, Mondelez), Mentor at Accelerators Artemisia, ESPM and Sebrae’s, Entrepreneurship Program, Berlin School of Creative Leadership MBA, Hyper Island.

Solid team with
industry experience

Mica Zayat
Industrial Engineer, UBA degree. 13 years experience in Unilever, in roles such as innovation and strategic planning. Latest 5 years as a solid procurement professional, developing and implemeting agencies sourcing strategies of multi diverse disciplines, market research and e-commerce.
María Gattás
LATAM Biz Director
As marketer & publicist with international experience, María has worked on the clients side and for different Marketing Services companies in Latin America and US. Moved to Mexico 18 years ago working for WPP and Publicis Group Independent Creative and Digital Agencies, Innovation & Branding Partners and the start-up of Getty Images Platform in Latin America. She has been involved in Unilever projects for more than 20 years.
Patrick Ferraro
With a degree in Information Systems from Mackenzie University, Patrick is passionate about technology and, for more than 15 years, he worked in architecture and systems development for multi-platforms in companies such as Santander, Citibank, Submarino and many startups. He has always focused on position that allow him to solve problems and transform ideas into new features, thus helping companies to grow. Lately he has also been focusing a lot in data science.
Davi Cury
Head of Operations
A publicist with international experience, Davi started his career in agencies in 2009 after working for almost 10 years in the marketing of the companies in the first, secon and third sectors. As a service, he led accounts such as McDonald’s, Kimberly Clark, Brasil Kirin/Heineken, Unilever, Sony and Sanofi in digital and live marketing disciplines. More recently, Davi worked in New York serving giant Samsung and startups like Casper and Back in Brazil in Jan/2019, he joined the BPool management team to lead the relationship with creative partners.
Nuno D’Eça
Head of Procurement
14 years working in the communications market, Nuno started his career in the world of Live Marketing in Portugal and later in Brazil. After 8 years of experience in large agencies, he decided migrated to Outsourcing where he spent 6 years in Innerworkingm an American company publicly traded in Nasdaq, being responsible for accounts such as Mondelez, Bacardi, Pernod Ricard, Coca Cola, Mastercard, amongst others. Nuno joined the BPool management team to lead the Procurement area.
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50 + 1
Untapped potential

The demand for diverse marketing companies and professionals is continuing to grow because of brand diversity initiatives and sophistication of ESG initiatives at companies. Even though brands are willing to partner with diverse companies, it's still really difficult to make it happen due to:

  • Discovery - brands do not have the tools to find companies/people.
  • Diverse companies that are just starting out can't register as suppliers for large companies.
  • The market needs to be more actively fostered and formed for greater supply.

We are partnering with both diversified businesses communities and certification entities.
Diverse criteria businesses that are majority (51%+) owned and led by:

a) Women
b) BIPOC (Black, Indian and people of color)
d) Disability owned (DOBE)

For brands
1) Be open to introduction sessions and getting to know the different companies and talent on the roster;
2) Commit to a number of projects to be serviced by the pool;
3) Join forces to promote and endorse the project;
4) Be available to participate in events and discussions on the challenges of working with diverse marketing services companies from the hiring perspective.
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