Working with independent studios, professionals, agencies and martechs has never been easier.

BPool is an Enterprise Gateway Marketplace established to transform marketing services contracting and the way people work, empowering businesses and careers.

Through an asset list with over 300 priced scopes and a proprietary algorithm, our platform connects brands to talented studios, boutiques, independent agencies and startups, helping marketers accelerate creativity, innovation, time to market in an agile & seamless journey whilst bringing savings, efficiency control and compliance to procurement.
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A simple & seamless workflow for marketers to match projects with highly curated suppliers and create pitches for live marketing projects (events, workshops, brand activations, conventions, shopper marketing initiatives, pr conferences), negotiate with suppliers and manage completion, ratings, and payments to one single supplier which are then split to multiple payments made through the platform with no double taxation.
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The BPay module allows clients to fast-track marketing services supplier payments through BPool. A simple, frictionless, and compliance adherent workflow to accelerate tail spend payments with low fees and no double-taxation.
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Freelancers & Squads
This module connects organizations to a hyper-curated global community of independent diverse and talented advertising, design, communication and technology professionals, which can be hired individually or collaboratively in squad formats.
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For clients and partners
Let us do the work for you. Our all-in-one platform matches you with industry’s best in marketing partners, studios, and agencies.
Now, you can easily work with the world’s most iconic brands. Join our partner pool of the top independent agencies and studios where projects are fairly negotiated up front.
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that revolutionized their marketing tactics with BPool.

BPool is a platform that raises our chances of solving our business challenges with “fresh eyes”. The platform offers us the best curated partners for each project, we’ve been having great results with this partnership.

- Patricia Macedo | CMO, Kimberly Clark

Working with BPool brought me agility, simplicity in complex processes and the opportunity to meet extremely competent agencies.

- Mariana Ballini | Unilever

The most compelling feature of BPool is being able to curate the best agencies with amazing professionals who think differently and help global brands like us innovate and produce high quality content quickly.

- Ana Helena Ferraz | Nestlé
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